Custom Men Shirts by AMR Antoine Rubini in Boston- Tailored to Perfection


Are you in search of custom tailored shirts in Boston that express sophistication and are an impeccable fit? At AMR Antoine Rubini, we create exceptional custom men shirts designed according to your unique style and preferences and stitched to perfection.

Our expertise lies in creating tailored men’s shirts that cater to individual tastes and body types and provide a level of comfort and elegance that off-the-rack shirts just cannot match.

We give the utmost attention to detail to achieve precision and ensure every little aspect of your shirt is personalized, from collar and cuff styles to fabric selection and button choices. Whether you are gearing up for a special event like a wedding or looking for smart, professional fits for everyday wear, our custom fit shirts are sure to exceed your expectations so you keep coming back for more.

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Striving for Excellence with Custom Tailored Shirts


If you are on the lookout for the finest tailored shirts near you, AMR Antoine Rubini’s world of tailored excellence is right in your vicinity. We provide the convenience of a local atelier with the craftsmanship of Italian tailoring. Our focus on quality and exactness of details is reflected in our work as we ensure that your custom made shirts are a true representation of your personal style and dressing preferences.

You do not have to go very far to find quality made to measure shirts near you. A perfect fit awaits you right here at AMR Antoine Rubini where you can experience the luxury and comfort while we make custom men shirts that will enhance your appearance. Make an appointment to visit us, call us to come to you, or have a virtual appointment; we are readily available to cater to your every need and make shirts exactly the way you desire

We will take precise measurements to ensure your shirt fits you like a glove and boost your confidence. Be it custom wedding shirts, or professional attire, our made to order shirts are the epitome of personalized style and comfort.



Creating a Shirt as Unique as You- How We Do It at AMR Antoine Rubini

Make an appointment with us- Start your journey to a perfectly tailored shirt by scheduling an appointment with our expert team.

Choose your fabric- Browse through our carefully curated selection of premium fabrics, handpicked to offer the finest quality and style.

We take your measurements- Our skilled tailor will take precise measurements to ensure your shirt fits you flawlessly and emphasizes your best features.

Customize every detail- Select your preferred collar, cuff, insert, and front and back styles, as well as buttons, to create a shirt that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Crafted in Italy- Your shirt will be expertly crafted in Italy, renowned for its world-class tailoring and craftsmanship.

Ready for pickup- In just 4-6 weeks, your custom-made shirt will be ready for pickup; a shirt so fine, it will be worth the wait.


Get Custom Men Shirts at AMR Antoine Rubini- Especially Tailored for You

Your search for the best custom fit shirts ends at AMR Antoine Rubini where we create the finest men shirts for our clients that reflect their taste and our superior skills and expertise. Do not let ill-fitting shirts mar your personality or affect your confidence. Try our custom tailored shirts and feel the difference when our made to measure shirt fits you in all the right places. 

You are one of a kind and you deserve to wear a custom shirt that was made especially for you. Contact us today via email or phone to make an appointment.

Choose your fabric

We take your measurements

You Choose : Collar,Cuff, Insert, Front & Back and Buttons

Your Shirt will be made in Italy

After 4-6 Week your Shirts will be ready to pick up


From the initial appointment to the final fitting, it usually takes around 4-6 weeks to complete your tailored shirt, ensuring you get the highest level of quality and fit.

Absolutely! We take precise measurements to create a shirt that fits you perfectly, ensuring optimal comfort and style.

If you are located outside of Boston, no worries! We can arrange a virtual conference with you to discuss your design and customization requirements. Please refer to our virtual appointments section to learn more details about how the process is carried out.

Yes, you at AMR Antoine Rubini, we take customization very seriously and offer our clients complete control over the design and creation process, including the choice of fabrics. You can choose from our premium selection of fabrics, so we can create a shirt that suits your taste and preferences. 

You will also have complete control over collar, cuff, insert, front and back styles, and even button choices, allowing for a truly personalized shirt that suits your style.

Yes, we specialize in crafting custom wedding shirts and for various other purposes, ensuring you look your best on your special day.

We strive for perfection in every shirt we make. If adjustments are needed, we will certainly ensure your shirt fits to your satisfaction.